YS LOCKER LLC is an industry leader for superior-quality touch-screen, barcode, IC card, mechanic, ABS and PVC lockers. We focus on research manufacture, sales and we stand behind our products.

Our factory is located in the beautiful QingPu District in Shanghai, China. YS LOCKER LLC is focused on research and development, product management, We are dedicated to discover and develop innovative products that not only generate profit but also customer engagement.

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Hot Products
  • Take you to the ABS plastic locker

    ​ABS resin is a polymer with large output and common application. It combines the various properties of PS, SAN and BS organically. It has good mechanical properties of toughness, hardness and rigid...

  • How does an electronic locker work efficiently?

    ​The storage cabinet used in the logistics is composed of different sizes of storage grids. The common electronic storage cabinet is composed of a communication module, a card reader, a display, a barcode...

  • How to choose a wardrobe in the gym

    ​Nowadays, the rhythm of life is getting more and more people walking into the gym, but the locker in the gym has been criticized by others. Because it is dirty, smelly, rusty and uncomfortable, how to...

  • Electronic storage cabinets are made of environmentally friendly materials

    ​Material advantages:The electronic locker is made of environmentally-friendly materials, so there is no need to worry about formaldehyde or what is messy. This is a big benefit for our office environment...