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Electronic locker features and features
Dec 03, 2018

1. It is possible to establish a standardized management image of the company, building or factory office, improve the management level, and standardize the internal management system.

2. A proximity card can replace all the opening keys and has different permission to authorize the card to open the cabinet door that can be opened within its scope of responsibility. All the opening conditions are recorded in the computer, which is convenient for inquiring about the occurrence time of specific events and implementing responsibility.

3. It can effectively prevent the easy handling of the sheep, avoid the loss of items, and reduce the occurrence of theft.

4. If the employee's proximity card is lost, it can be reported in the system immediately, so that even if the other person picks up the card, the cabinet cannot be opened. This is much more convenient than the ordinary mechanical lock. You do not have to change the lock for safety. Everyone re-keys. For the resignation or dismissal, the person's proximity card is disabled. The employee can no longer open the cabinet in the future. If you do not use the proximity card system management method, you may have to change the lock of the door several times in case.

5. Using advanced international internal encryption protocol, outsiders can't open your electric lock to enter your place through mechanical or other high-tech methods, while other such as cryptosystems, mechanical locks have no corresponding safety mechanism, can be short circuited or master key Easy access to your location.

6. Windows-based full Chinese operating system, friendly interface, easy to operate, ordinary clerks can be competent for the corresponding management software operations.