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How does an electronic locker work efficiently?
Dec 03, 2018

The storage cabinet used in the logistics is composed of different sizes of storage grids. The common electronic storage cabinet is composed of a communication module, a card reader, a display, a barcode gun, a camera, etc. cabinet. The storage compartment is made of wood or metal. Each storage cabinet has an electromagnetic switch, which can accept the main controller control switch. The communication module can use mobile or fixed communication module to communicate with the user through the operator's short message and voice and data communication system. Identity authentication; the card reader can use a non-contact IC card reader for identification of the delivery person; the barcode gun is used to identify the cargo information, facilitate the inquiry of the goods and realize the association between the goods and the customer's telephone information; the display is generally The liquid crystal display with touch screen is mainly convenient for the maintenance and use of the electronic locker for information display, and appropriately displays the designated advertisement; the purpose of the camera is to record the operation process in order to solve various disputes; the main controller generally uses the CPU with some peripheral components. It is the brain of the whole electronic locker; the loading and unloading of the goods in the electronic locker is related by the mobile phone number, that is, the goods are associated with the mobile phone number, and the mobile phone number is associated with the user to realize the association between the goods and the user.

The opening position of each electronic locker is printed with a telephone number and a telephone number for the complaint. The telephone number of the open cabinet is the telephone number of the communication module in the electronic locker. The open telephone is used for the user to open the cabinet for use. If the locker is different, the open phone number is also different, that is, an electronic locker corresponds to a different open phone number; and the complaint call is used for customer complaints and is a customer number of the company.