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How should I maintain the locker in peacetime?
Dec 03, 2018

1. Wipe the surface of the product with cotton cloth or flannel. Due to the surface treatment of the storage cabinet, it is generally a smooth surface such as baking varnish, stainless steel sanding, mirror surface. If the maintenance is not properly cleaned, it will form an irreparable damage to its surface. At this time, if it is brightened again like the surface that makes it bright, it will be more difficult, unless it is reworked, so Xiaobian reminds everyone, For the cleaning and maintenance of the surface, be sure to use a cotton cloth or flannel that absorbs water well. Never use a coarse cloth.

2. Non-corrosive products. In the long-term use of the product, there will be a lot of things that can't be removed. There are a lot of dust that can't be removed in the gap of the product. So what should I do? So there is a decontamination product on the market. In the first use of the product, the first and second problems will not be found, and it will indeed become brighter, but in the following days, the paint surface will become dim. Only soap or some weakly acidic decontamination products are better for the locker.

3. In order to keep the cabinet for a long time, remember not to scratch it with sharp objects, and do not place it in a place where the sun is easy to reach or where rain can drip.