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What should I pay attention to when using the luggage electronic locker?
Dec 03, 2018

1. Never store valuables. Carrying valuables with you, this is the principle. The safer place can't hold the charm of money. You put a lot of cash in such a cabinet, and the result can be imagined.

2. Take it on the same day. General shopping malls or supermarkets will empty the locker after closing the door, so the items stored on the day must be remembered to be taken out that day.

3. When storing the item, confirm that the door is the one that you opened, otherwise it may be taken away by others.

4. Keep your deposit voucher, don't lose it. If you accidentally lose it, you should find the manager in time to open the door and remove the item on the premise that the item belongs to you.

5. The general luggage storage cabinet area has corresponding monitoring equipment, so as long as you can achieve the above 4 points, you can still store your items with confidence.

6. The luggage storage cabinet is reasonable in structure, safe and sanitary, providing people with more benefits, energy saving, environmental protection, informationization, and green intelligence. This storage facility of luggage storage cabinets can often be seen in our lives, like stations, supermarkets, shopping malls. This place will have this facility, it can help us store the luggage that we are not convenient to carry, so that we can "lightly install", which will bring us a lot of convenience.