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Advantages Of The Locker
Dec 03, 2018

1. The locker cabinet can fully display its superior performance when the passenger flow is large.

2. In case of power failure or large fluctuation of grid voltage, the machine can automatically connect to the backup power supply or adjust the power supply. Use the backup power supply after power failure to work normally for no less than 4 hours.

3. The bar code storage cabinet uses a voice prompt to remind the user to take the password bar and close the door.

4, can save the customer's take time, which can improve the use rate; at the same time simplify the customer's picking operation, greatly facilitate the customer.

5, the bar code locker can print out the name of the unit and the place, which can improve the unit image and avoid unnecessary disputes caused by the confusion of the password bar.

6. Under the condition of the same number of boxes and the same volume, the space utilization rate is the highest, which can greatly reduce the site occupation cost.

7. There will be a digital code below the bar code paper to facilitate the comparison record. At the same time, after the bar code pattern is artificially damaged, the code can still be input through the keyboard.

8, the recognition rate is high, fast and accurate, and for the folded and smashed bar code paper (as long as the bar code graphics are not damaged), still can achieve 100% recognition rate, using the barcode as the retrieval voucher, improve the confidentiality of the voucher .

9, infrared detection of the function of the product, not only to ensure the safety of the storage and improve the efficiency of use, there are a full range of records for future reference.

10. Flexible parameterization of the locker The user can set and modify the IC card according to the needs: delay time, free time (coin-operated coin number) and clock parameters.