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Development Status And Future Trends Of Lockers
Dec 03, 2018

In today's network era, more and more lockers are used in all walks of life. The early key lockers have been gradually replaced by intelligent lockers. Intelligent network lockers will become the mainstream trend. The proportion of Internet retail sales will continue to grow at a high rate, and the retail sales growth of the entire social consumer goods will continue to decline. In the future, sales of smart lockers will seize part of the market share of other traditional lockers. This also fits the direction of smart and fast office advocated by the state.

The future development of intelligent lockers requires a closer combination of “virtual and virtual” between online and offline. At present, some electronic lockers only regard the Internet as a new channel, rather than organically combined with their own physical retail. The "Internet +" is inevitably a business model of "virtual and virtual integration" on the offline line.

For the smart locker market, the traditional locker cabinet will be gradually strengthened in the future. We can almost certainly determine that the market model of online and offline integration will gradually replace the traditional common locker style. The value of the offline offline locker will also be Will pay more and more attention.