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There Is A Difference Between The Lockers Used In Supermarkets And Venues.
Dec 03, 2018

If you pay for a penny and buy a brand, then the brand must have the connotation to support it. The brand is not blown out. It is built on solid products.

First, if the supermarket wants to buy electronic lockers, while controlling costs, it can also guarantee quality and after-sales service. At present, there are not many manufacturers with after-sales maintenance points in major cities across the country. Some sell the product and it doesn't matter.

Second, if the library wants to buy electronic lockers, it must ensure that the products are reliable. In addition, their management software is very powerful. They can also communicate directly with the campus card. It is very convenient to manage. If you buy electronic lockers, you will definitely have to The manufacturer presents the copyright of the locker software. If there is a network management system, the network management software must also require a copyright certificate.

3. If the swimming pool is to buy an electronic locker, the waterproof performance of the locker used in the swimming pool should be good. The IC card used as the access certificate should be easily carried. The IC card is made into a strap type. Worn on the wrist.